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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lightened flywheel

Lotusbits lightened flywheel - as tested on our rally car, all non-turbo engines £350 + VAT

Sneak preview of Lotusbits Sunbeam rally car

Just about to go off to the paint shop:

B20 RWD Nissan Micra – RWD rally car

A message from Mike Taylor, MD Lotusbits Ltd:

"From 2012 this car (B20 RWD Nissan Micra RWD) will not be able to compete as up till now it has run under a K37.1.3 logbook which cannot be used after 1/1/2012.

When the car was inspected by the MSA with the intention of re-logbooking to the new CAT 2 regulations, the modifications required to make the car comply with the drawings in the cat 2 guidance notes were very extensive. The tunnel and part of bulkhead need to be replaced. The rear cross-member needs to be lowered by 35mm with respect to the lowest point of the floor. As the roll cage mounts to this the cage would have to be modified.  

The cost of doing this makes it not economically viable to keep the car running especially as the car would have to be ballasted up to 1080 Kg which would make it slower.

Annoyingly all the modifications required except in date seats are not in any way safety or performance related – they are just to make the car fit within the drawings...

We are already working on a 2.5L Talbot Sunbeam Lotus to replace the Micra which complies with the lower pre 1982 weight limit of 880 Kg as well as all of the CAT 2 drawings.

Our intention was to run both the New Lotusbits Sunbeam and the Micra next year to allow my partner and Co-Driver, Cathy, to be able to drive next year without having to invest too much in a car for her. Unfortunately this is now not possible so another new rally crew has been lost.

If anyone would be interested in purchasing the Micra for anything other than rallying use please contact  us on 01926 633211" 

Monday, 5 September 2011

Giugiaro Lotus Esprit badges

Giugiaro Lotus badges - remanufactured to original format - £5 + V.A.T, give your Esprit a treat!

Lotus Excel SE radiator hose kit - *** NEW 2011 ***

What everyone wanted, Lotus Excel SE radiator hose kit
Click to view larger image
001 - £12 + VAT
002 - £23 + VAT
003 - £39 + VAT
004 - £19 + VAT
005 - £10 + VAT
006 - £10 + VAT
007 - £69 + VAT
008 - £56 + VAT
009 -  £8 + VAT

Lotus wheel centre caps - new

Wheel centre caps, pretty, shiny and brand new!
£13 + V.A.T each

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New Aluminium Lotus Esprit S3 fuel tanks

Remanufactured Alloy Lotus Esprit S3 fuel tanks, never worry about rust again.
Excellent quality, £450 + V.A.T per pair

Lotus big brake conversion kits, see Lotus Brake upgrades here

Lotus Excel clutch release bearing

Recent addition: Lotus Excel release bearing - £40 + V.A.T

Lotus Excel clutch slave cylinder

Lotus Excel slave cylinder  - £40 + V.A.T

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lotusbits at the 29th annual Club Lotus Show, 13/14 August 2011

Images from the Lotusbits stand at the 29th annual Club Lotus Show and Festival from Donington Park on 13th and 14th August 2011. We previewed even more new products which will appear here very soon!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Reconditioned Esprit Turbo plenum

Esprit Turbo plenum, vapour blasted and powdercoated in a choice of colours. Exchange only, call for details.

Lotus Elite door beams, NEW, remanufactured.

Lotus Elite door beams, recently remanufactured due to overwhelming customer demand! £120 ea.

Lotus Esprit large bore stainless steel exhaust manifold and system

Lotus Esprit S1 and S2 stainless steel exhaust manifold and system, , long primary pipes, repackable silencer, 2 1/2 bore.
Recently dyno'ed, showing a significant increase in low down torque. £1200.

Isn't it lovely, you could almost hang it on the wall...

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Oil filler cap!

Smarten up!

£25 - A must for any clean under bonnet area, perfect against reconditioned camcovers or a freshly built engine!!
Also available - matching gear knob and seat tilt knobs for Lotus Excel.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lotus Micra latest development - inlet manifold

Our latest development for the Lotus Micra, to accommodate 55mm throttle bodies, short inlet manifold machined from solid to Lotusbits specification.
Bespoke manufactured to your specification as required, call 01926 633211 for details.

Fast road, competition clutch cover Lotus Esprit, Lotus Excel, Lotus Sunbeam

Uprated clutch cover, to fit normally aspirated Lotus Esprit, Lotus Excel and Lotus Sunbeam.
Suitable for fast road and competition use.

Lotus Excel new front bumper over-riders

New, remanufactured Lotus Excel front bumper over-riders:

£50 per pair

Esprit front hubs, remanufactured, reduce unsprung weight

Lotus Esprit - Stevens, Giugiaro, X180, S3 remanufactured front hubs, reducing unsprung weight by 1.1kg per wheel!

Lotus Excel:
£100 each

Elite and Eclat also available, please call 01926 633211 for details

Friday, 11 February 2011

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