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Thursday, 20 August 2020

Lotus Esprit Coolant Pipes - NOW AVAILABLE

We are now manufacturing a variety of coolant pipes for the Lotus Esprit. 

The pipes are bent, beaded and welded in-house by Lotusbits in our workshop in Marton.

We can also make any custom pipe to fit your Lotus if you have a drawing or a sample. Please contact us for bespoke options. 

Some examples of pipes currently in stock can be viewed below:

 Esprit S1 Coolant Pipe (Water Pipe, Main to Pump) £30 plus VAT*

Esprit S1 Coolant Pipe, (Water Pipe, Main to Pump) £32 plus VAT* 

Lotus Esprit S1 Early Non-Federal Coolant Pipe, £50 plus VAT*

You can purchase with confidence, knowing we regularly use and fit these pipes in our workshop so we can guarantee the quality and that they are the correct.

Lotusbits offers a wide range of new, used and reconditioned Lotus parts, and full workshop services, performance upgrades and competition vehicle development.
Please get in touch if you need any advice and our team will be happy to help.

Telephone: 01926 633211. 

Esprit S1, S2 Main Water Pipe to Radiator Return, £40 plus VAT*

Esprit S3, S3 Turbo, Heater Pipe Through Chassis, £22 plus VAT*

Esprit S3 Turbo Feed and Return, Main Pipe Through Chassis, £50 plus VAT*

Esprit S3 NA, S2 with Air Con, Radiator Feed Through Chassis Pipe, £22 plus VAT*

*Prices correct upon publication of article, August 2020.
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