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Friday, 7 February 2014

Lotusbits 2014 Rally Calendar

Lotusbits are running two cars in the 2014 REIS Asphalt Rally Championship and the 2014 ANWCC Stage Rally Championship.
Mike Taylor will be running his 2.5 ltr Lotusbits Kingsway Insurance Lotus Sunbeam, with Peter Grant as co-driver sitting alongside.
The second car is an all-girl entry, Cathy Sewart and Samantha Bartlett, also in a 2.5 ltr Lotusbits Kingsway Insurance Lotus Sunbeam. Similar specification as Mikes car, but Cathys has bright pink wheelarches and shiny new paint following its winter rebuild - (it's straight now too)!

Cathys car during winter rebuild
Pink finishing touches
Another service barge

2014 REIS MSA Asphalt Championship events calendar

March 9 Tour of Epynt
May 9/10 Manx National Rally
May 30/31 Jim Clark National Rally
July 6 ALMC Stages
August 3 Tyneside Stages Otterburn
August 24 Mewla Rally
Sept. 13/14 Wexford Stages Rally
November 9 Cheviot Rally, Keith Knox Stages, Otterburn

2014 ANWCC Stage Rally Championship events calendar

Feb 7/8 North-West Stages
Feb 22 Jack Neal Memorial
Mar 2 Roskirk
Mar 9 Tour of Epynt
Mar 16 Lee Holland Memorial
Mar 23 SMC Stages
Mar 23 ᆴ AGBO Stages
Apr 6 Lookout Stages
Apr 26 Horiba DメIsis
May 4 Harlech Stages
May 4 ᆴ Hallamshire
May 9/10 Manx National
May 17 Cetus Rally Stages
May 25 Twyford Stages
Jun 8 Keith Frecker Memorial
Jun 28 JRT Enville
Jul 19 Opposite Lock
Aug 10 Gareth Hall Memorial
Aug 17 Centenary
Aug 24 Eventsigns
Sep 6 Promenade 
Sep 7 Vale of York
Sep 7 ᆴ Pendragon
Sep 28 Heroes Stages 
Oct 10/12 Mull Rally
Oct 12 Adgespeed Stages
Nov 1/2 Glyn Memorial
Nov 7/8 Pokerstars Rally
Nov 22 Neil Howard Memorial
Nov 22 Hall Trophy

8 events count towards the championship, rallies highlighted in green are likely to be contested.

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