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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Fussys owner comments...

The worst day of my Excel ownership - 26th July 2014.
Weather; sunny and very hot -
Location; huge queue on A43 awaiting entry to classic Silverstone Problem; an exhaust valve sticks shattering the cam follower with such force that the debris punched a hole in the cam carrier
Solution; recovery to Lotusbits.

After much discussion with Mike, and some with my wife, it was decided not to rebuild the engine to standard specification, but to give the car the engine it has been demanding for the last twenty four years - an upgraded Lotusbits 2.5 litre build with all the internal good things but retaining standard cams and carbs, creating a car that will be ideal for road use and still look standard under the bonnet.

The wait began and I suffered severe withdrawal symptoms - then the call I was waiting for.

Fussy was coming home on 3rd December 2014.

Mike unloaded the car at 21.30hrs and after a brief chat went on to deliver an engine.

I could not resist taking her for a short rather cautious drive, I had been warned that she could light up the tyres in almost any gear given the slightly damp road.  I went to bed praying for reasonable weather the next day - prayers answered the next day was dry, cold and sunny.

I decided to take the car to the man who looks after the cars when the jobs are above my pay grade.

He's a race mechanic who travels to events with his client's cars.

He was very impressed after a drive and said "That is how the car should have left the factory, the engine makes the 3.7 diff you fitted ideal, relaxed cruising and plenty of acceleration even in fifth".

I can wholeheartedly agree with everything  he said and would recommend the upgrade to anyone who wants the Excel that Lotus should have built...

The view most people will see:

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