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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Lotusbits Engine Dyno

The Lotusbits engine dyno facility is a Schenck D230 water brake which runs up to 13,000rpm and up to 600Nm torque, and features a Schenck X-act digital control system.

We recently tested a freshly built customer engine on the engine dyno. Our customer from Wales wanted the 2.2 litre 912 engine converted to fuel injection. The engine was mapped on our dyno before going back into the customer’s Lotus Esprit S2.

Click HERE to view the engine in action on the dyno.

The dyno is fully calibrated and the calibration is checked prior to every engine being tested. We can use this facility to dyno any of the engines we build for customers if requested. The dyno is invaluable in developing the Lotusbits Rally Team 320bhp rally engines which have competed successfully in the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship. We have also carried out significant R&D work on new cylinder heads and crankshafts for the Lotus 907/912 engines which have been tested on the dyno, as well as in our Lotus Sunbeam rally cars.

We're here for all your Lotus engine requirements - contact the Lotusbits team directly on 01926 633211 and we'll be happy to discuss your next project. 

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